Make Data Uncompromisable

Welcome to a ground breaking security solution that redefines customer data protection like never before.

  • Revolutionize the way your user authentication is managed.
  • Eliminate the vulnerabilities of conventional authentication methods.
  • Ensure your customer data is never exposed.
  • Exceptionally fast and unparalleled performance.

Orbital Shield offers your business an innovative approach to security, ensuring that your customers' sensitive information remains completely inaccessible and undisclosed to outside threats, your own systems or ours.

Why is SafeMoon Orbital Shield important?

SafeMoon Orbital Shield is designed to protect its users and the company that uses it. Through the anonymization encryption process, your information will remain secure even in the event of a breach. SafeMoon has produced a fully working login system without needing to collect personal data. This is important when you are within the DeFi or Web3 hybrid space, as there is a form of anonymity to keep alongside an ever-increasing need for exceptionally robust security.


How is this different from other offerings?

You might find a few other products similar to SafeMoon Orbital Shield in that they offer login protection. However, none offer the level of protection SafeMoon Orbital Shield offers. SafeMoon protects you with the login system and its additional security
features. In addition, you are being integrated into a very accessible ecosystem as SafeMoon continues to expand and innovate.


How SafeMoon Orbital Shield Works

Cutting-edge Anonymization
Our advanced anonymization encryption process ensures the inviolability of customer data even in the face of breaches. SafeMoon introduces a fully operational login system that eliminates the need for personal information collection, setting a new standard for data security.
Enhanced Login Protection
While competing solutions claim to provide login protection, none can rival the exceptional security delivered by SafeMoon Orbital Shield. By integrating our sophisticated login system with additional security features, SafeMoon provides an all-encompassing defense that safeguards your customers’ interests.
Unrivaled 256-bit Encryption
During registration, customer data undergoes anonymization before being encrypted using state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption. This guarantees secure storage of anonymized data, with our servers exclusively holding encrypted and anonymized information.

Here's an example of how it appears:

And this information can be decrypted in real time using the customer's username and password!
Swift Performance
Our security encryption operates with remarkable speed. Unlike common trade-offs between security and performance, SafeMoon Orbital Shield defies this trend, introducing a groundbreaking solution that combines robust encryption with seamless speed.

The SafeMoon Orbital Shield Roadmap

SafeMoon Orbital Shield's is already  serving over 1 million users across iPhone and Android devices. 

The Orbital Shield technology will continually evolve to seamlessly integrate into future SafeMoon products, offering a secure, streamlined, and user-centric experience.

Right now, we are actively seeking partnerships to extend its reach and impact. This includes collaborations within the Web3 space and existing product systems, where our enhanced security measures can significantly bolster protection.

We would be delighted to discuss how SafeMoon Orbital Shield can empower your business with unparalleled customer data protection.